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Collective Gardens

Collective gardens are gardens that are managed communally by a group of people. Many collective gardens grow produce for donation. Some are open to the public to get involved, others are exclusively for the staff/volunteers/clientele of a particular agency. Below is a directory of the collective gardens in Kingston & area

AMHS Garden

Description: This is a therapeutic garden for Addictions & Mental Health Services clients.

Location: 31 Lyons St.


Bellevue House Garden

Built in the early 1840’s this historic property was home to Canada’s first Prime Minister and today remains almost unchanged to what it once was. Bellevue house is open to the public for tours of the beautiful house and grounds, by staff in period costume. The garden is in 19th century style and boasts half an acre of vegetable gardens, an orchard, and several ornamental gardens. The Bellevue house staff and volunteers have grown over 1000 lbs of organic food each year, using old techniques and tools. Last year they donated 300 lbs of food to local meal programs and they continue to offer wonderful, fresh produce to the community. Certainly a stop not to be missed, for both the history and the nature lover!



35 Centre Street




Community Harvest Garden

Description: The Community Harvest Garden seeks to fill in the gaps regarding lack of affordable produce in Kingston’s North End. We also provide learning and leadership opportunities, and strive to empower others to create positive change in their communities. Gardens are managed by a team of staff and volunteers and produce is distributed through the Community Harvest Market. 

Learn more at

Location: 463 Elliott Ave.



Compton Park Garden

Description: Compton Park Garden consists of three 6'x10' raised beds that are gardened collectively by the community. 

Location: Helen St side of Compton Park (corner of Carruthers)


Contact: Jordan Morelli,

Walking the path of peace together.jpg
Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden @ Walking the Path of Peace​



Boozhoo / She:kon (greetings)! We are growing food and medicines to share with our community. The garden has three raised beds and a large inground bed for a total of 880 square feet of growing space, as well as mounds planned for the Three Sisters, corn, beans and squash.  In addition, there are a number of young trees we are caring for including willow, sugar maple, paw paw, pin oak and cedars. The diversity of the trees suggests the diversity of the landscape with a more wetland area and that borders the property and then an upland area where the garden is located. There is a well and two sheds, and we have tools.  Come join us. 

Check out the link if you are interested in signing up:


Hwy 15


Maureen Buchanan, 613 217-4441 or

John Howard Society Community Garden

Description: Garden is managed collectively by clients, staff and volunteers of the John Howard Society. 

Location: 771 Montreal St. (right side of buildling)

Contact: Julie Langan,

McBurney Park Community Garden​​

Description: This community garden consists of four raised beds managed collectively by the McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association. The harvest is shared amongst neighbours and donated to Loving Spoonful. 

Location: Southeast corner of McBurney Park, along Ordnance Street.

Contact: Kate Thomas,

Queen's AMS Garden

Description: Small garden managed by the Queen's AMS (Alma Mater Society). Produce is grown to supplement the AMS Food Bank. 

Location: 218 Barrie St. (behind Mac Brown building)


Salvation Army Community Garden

Description: Located at the Salvation Army Community and Family Services on Patrick St. Produce grown is used in programs and made available to the public. 

Location: 342 Patrick St.

Contact: Jack Parker,

Sydenham Street United Church


The purpose of the garden is to create a biologically productive and educational space in which members can learn about and engage in urban agriculture. In doing so, we seek to lessen the disconnect between us and our food and promote concepts of food sovereignty.

Unlike many community gardens, we do not offer allotments - rather, gardeners work collectively to grow and harvest produce for donation to Loving Spoonful's Grow-A-Row program. Since 2017, we have donated nearly 400lbs of produce! 

Location: 82 Sydenham St.

Allotments: none

Contact: Donna Delyea,

Town Homes Community Garden


610 Montreal St.


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