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Community Gardens Guides


Kingston Area Organizations

The following organizations support community gardening and urban agriculture:

Funding Resources
Municipal Resources: Documents & Forms

There are various granting agencies which may be able to provide funds or grants for your garden group. Here are a few local agencies. For other ideas, please contact us at the Kingston Community Garden Network.


Beginner Gardening Resources
Calculating Soil Volumes

To figure out what volume of topsoil, mulch, compost, or gravel to order, you will need to find the volume in cubic yards. This document will help you figure it out!


How to calculate soil volume

Accessible Garden Beds

The following community gardens have accessible garden beds on site:

  • Calvin Park Community Garden

  • Elmwood Community Garden

  • Oak Street Community Garden

  • MacLean Trail Community Garden

  • MacLean Park Community Garden

  • Sunnyside Community Garden


Persons with limited mobility are encouraged to apply to garden in these beds. Contact the Community Gardens Network Coordinator to find out more.

Garden Guide – A guide to gardening that covers everything from building your soil through to harvest time. Created by the Community Garden Network of Ottawa.


The Organic Backyard – A guide to applying organic farming practices to your home or community garden. Created by Canadian Organic Growers.

More Garden Resources

From Neglected Parcels to Community Gardens; A Handbook. Wasach Community Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah. Brian Emerson, with input from the Wasatch Community Gardens staff: Ginger Ogilvie, Celia Bell, Don Anderson, Agnes Chiao and Rob Ferris.


Community Garden Start-Up Guide by Rachel Surls, and Yvonne Savio, Common Ground Garden Program Manager, UCCE  March 2001  (Los Angeles, CA)


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